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"We take a BMW Z3 and make it into a Classic. Just bolt on a NEW BODY"

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Here are some photos of our first kobra build. It is a tribute to an AC Cobra not meant as an exact replica.

It even looks good with the roof up!

DSCN5226 DSCN5214 DSCN5278 DSCN5291 DSCN5304 DSCN5233 DSCN5229

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Benefits over other Cobra replicas

Electric folding roof (that does not leak)

Steel Hard top roof for winter & Factory tonneau cover

Millions spent on the development

Air conditioning (that works perfectly)

Has the ability to be used every day

Perfect balance of power, handling and braking

No overheating problems (ie; big V8 engine in a small space)

Has factory wiring

Proper size steel doors

Legendary reliability and drivability

Can be serviced at any garage (usually donor comes with service history)

No need for IVA

Has a spare wheel, jack, tool kit, wheel-brace as standard equipment

Has modern electronics that can be diagnosed electronically

Complete ‘flip front’ for easier maintenance

Crash protection and Airbags, euro N CAP, much safer

Accurate speedo, tacho, oil, fuel and water guages



Electric windows, fuel computer, ABS, heated/electric seats, good sound system,

As if the above is not enough

Can be built ready for paint in days (not months and years)

Can be built on a budget for £6500 +

Want more power? Z3M has 331BHP and can be tuned, our demonstrator has 270 BHP which is a 3.0i with remap, stainless exhaust and upgrade air filter


Customers builds

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The full kit consists of the following:


Front Clam Shell (uses original BMW hinges and locking)

Rear clam shell

Bootlid (doubled skinned)

Petrol cap infill panel (an extra one is £30)

Inner boot panel

Side sills x 2

Underbonnet panel


BMW Z3 buyers guide, stripdown photo guide and photo build guide


Cost £2950

Collect in person or deliver UK mainland (not Scottish highlands)  £200. Worldwide delivery possible (ask for a quote)


We also offer a buy back service for all your old parts at £400 (subject to condition)

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Our new 'Old Skool' Cobra for 2017

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